Mi smart scale 2

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Mi smart scale 2

Mi Smart Scale 2 uses a high-precision manganese steel sensor, which can accurately sense subtle changes down to 50g. Every meal you eat and every glass of water you drink can be easily quantified, and displayed as kilograms, jin, or pounds, effectively helping you to finely manage information about your weight.

You can clearly see your transformation process. Also, your weight data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud each time via the APP and stored, with there being no limit.

Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 (2019): smart scale with app for $44.99 at Amazon

To maintain a stable body, being able to balance oneself is essential [1]. Balance is a basic physical ability. Improving balance can reduce the risk of falls and joint injuries.

Mi Smart Scale 2 is equipped with a body balance ability test. Standing on the scale with one foot and eyes closed, you can learn about your body balance ability using the APP.

mi smart scale 2

Mi Smart Scale 2 can automatically identify members of the family based on body data, and can support up to 16 members, when the device is shared by the whole family. A guest mode can also be set so that the measurements of others can be made without being stored.

Mi Smart Scale 2 supports weighing infants while carrying them. Parents weigh once separately and then weigh again with the baby in their arms to automatically calculate the baby's weight. Of course, you can also measure your pet's weight in the same way. Weighing people and objects, smart switching for weighing mailing parcels, and daily necessities, any time [2].

In addition to weighing the human body, the Mi Smart Scale 2 can also meet the needs of weighing small objects, and can measure still objects weighing as little as g after activation. Did the fruit you bought weigh the right amount? How much does the package you plan to send weigh? Solve the small problems of everyday weighing.

In terms of function and appearance, Mi Smart Scale 2 is a simple but beautiful product to experience. Its crystal clear, smooth, and delicate texture can be smoothly blended into any style of home decor.

Warm white tempered glass, multi-layered mesh printing, carefully crafted through a step process to be durable and beautiful. Rounded corners, CNC precision processing, smooth and delicate, reduces damage from bumps. Cherish every second of your time. Note: [1] Be sure to open your eyes and stand on both feet if you feel that you are losing your balance. This function is not suitable for people with poor balance, including pregnant women, the elderly, or those suffering from vestibular dysfunction.

The object mode can be used after turning on the machine. Mi account Sign Out. My Orders. Mi Phones Mi 10T Pro. Mi 10T. Mi 10T Lite. Mi 10 Pro. Mi Mi Note 10 Lite. Mi Note Mi 9 SE. Mi A3. MI 9T Pro.Mi account Sign Out. My Orders.

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Mi Phones Mi 10T Pro. Mi 10T. Mi 10T Lite. Mi 10 Pro. Mi Mi Note 10 Lite. Mi Note Mi 9 SE. Mi A3. MI 9T Pro. Mi 9 Lite. Mi MIX 3. Mi 8 Pro. Mi 8 Lite. Mi A2. Mi A2 Lite. Mi Max 3. Redmi 9C.

mi smart scale 2

Redmi 9A. Redmi 9. Redmi Note 9. Redmi Note 9 Pro. Redmi Note 9S. Redmi Note 8 Pro. Redmi Note 8. Redmi 8. Redmi 8A. Redmi 7A. Redmi 7.

mi smart scale 2

Redmi Note 7. Redmi Go. Redmi 6. Redmi 6A. Redmi Note 5. Redmi Note 6 Pro. Redmi S2. Mi True Wireless Earphones.As you probably may already know, Xiaomi offers a large range of products to improve peoples lives.

The Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 is a great extension on this range. It is not just a weighing scale but it can do much more through the Mi Fit App. But do you need all this functionality, and can this scale help when you are trying to improve your health or does it just look good in your bathroom? And what is that Body Balance Test you can do on this scale? The specs as can be found on Banggood :.

I expect a high quality scale that quickly and clearly displays your weight when standing on it. Although the Mi Scale 2 has integration with the Mi Fit App, I hope you can use it to a certain degree without having the app activated. Next to that, I am very curious about the added value of the app and how it integrates with the scale.

The Mi Scale 2 comes in a white retail box. This product is aimed for the Chinese market and contains the product name in Chinese and English in front. Further the package is sober and does not contain text but only a product photo and some icons. The scale is packed well protected in the inner box and two sleeves that contain warnings in several languages.

The following features are stated on Banggood :. My old body scale has some sharp edges. I lost count of the times I bumped into them with my toes that hurts like standing on a Lego brick. Luckily, the Xiaomi Scale has rounded off edges. The scale really is pretty simple: it has a glass top and there, no visible buttons and switches and the LED display only shows when the scale is activated.

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In the stands of the scale the on-switch is positioned, and the switch turns off automatically after it is left idle for a couple of moments. There is no way to switch off the Bluetooth 5. For some people, using a scale is a confrontational moment. The slick design, easy of use and Bluetooth connection on the Mi Scale 2 will not change anything about that. Another handy feature is that the scale can measure light weight products, so not only heavy bodies.

You can use the Mi Scale 2 without connecting it to the app. It will then show your weight in kilogram. After a couple of moments the scale will turn off. You can also use the scale to weigh other lighter items, precision is up to 50 gram. The app is simple but effective, and nice to combine with miband and other Xiaomi products.

Registration can with Mi account, Facebook, Google or your email address. The app will tell you to step on the scale and you are paired.Measures the smallest weight changes with a high-precision G-shaped sensor made of manganese steel. Three different algorithms are used to collect and interpret data, achieving half the error margin than that of comparable weighing scales.

Measures in kilograms, pounds, or catties. Often big changes come from taking small steps. Do a weigh-in in the morning, after a light jog or after a meal. Track changes with the Mi Fit app. Let these gradual improvements provide a confidence boost on your fitness journey! Mi Fit uses easy-to-read graphs to display weight stats and progress. Save up to weight records in the Mi Smart Scale's memory. Mi Smart Scale doesn't just tell adults and children apart.

It automatically identifies each family member and can store up to 16 user profiles.

Mi Smart Scale

Mi Smart Scale is a visual stunner that takes inspiration from architecture, using strong tempered glass with over The polished glass goes through 5 layers of silk printing and 20 manufacturing steps.

Its refined texture and gleaming surface is the perfect complement to any home. Beautifully hidden from view until you step on it, the elegant display delivers clear readings using LED lights. The unique light sensor automatically adjusts brightness for readability in all conditions. Rigorous quality checks include a 1m steel ball drop test, to ensure the polished glass doesn't break easily if you accidentally drop something on it.

The battery housing sits flush against the bottom, preventing dust and hair from entering. These checks ensure the highest quality standards for each scale. Just 4 AA batteries will last you a year thanks to low-energy Bluetooth 4. Due to COVID, the ongoing health and containment emergency measures may cause service delays at logistic couriers and Xiaomi authorized service centers until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Mi account Sign Out. My Orders. Mi Phones Mi 10T Pro. Mi 10T. Mi 10T Lite. Mi 10 Lite. Mi Note 10 Lite. Mi 10 Pro. Mi Mi 9 Lite. Redmi 9C.For everybody who is just as confused as we are about the different kind of models: here is an overview of all the Xiaomi Smart Scale models. Since we are in times of the internet of things, the gadgets are of course networked with each other with the well-known MiFit app and so you can immediately save and archive the results of your fitness program.

Liquid plastic that hardens

We have tested how well the scale works. The Mi Scale was completely renewed on 23 April and is an almost new model. The packaging is rather functional and simple, but usually their product packaging offers a litte bit more elegance.

Giving away a scale is probably seen as an insult by most people anyway, so be careful here. From my point of view there is an absolute advantage compared to other scales: The Mi Scale does not need button cells for operation, but four sometimes already included AAA batteries no rechargable batteries.

mi smart scale 2

One never felt the right button cell at home, but always AAA batteries. Thus, from my point of view, an advantage, also because the latter can be bought everywhere. After the battery has been replaced, the balance restarts automatically. A disadvantage: The manual is only in Chinese, so you have to use the QR-code to find the app you need. However, this is an acceptable shortcoming for a scale. In order to counteract the yo-yo effect, we sometimes need some kind of self-control and bookkeeping so that we can adapt our results to our goals and do not fall into old patterns of behaviour.

This is where the Xiaomi Mi Scale comes in. The smart scales from Xiaomi record the following body measurements at least in theory :. Our regular readers will notice the Xiaomi Mi Scale 2. What the Mi Scale lacks here in measured values which is not muchit makes up for with its range of functions.

Xiaomi offers a lot of functions, features and modes with the app connection. More about that later. The Mi Scale is quite compact at The material is plastic, but the upper side is provided with hardened glass, on which our weight is reflected by LEDs.

On the upper side there is a 1. For the fact that most scales are not visible on the floor, I find the Mi Scale optically very appealing, even if I like the eufy P1 a bit better.

Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 Review

The usual good Xiaomi quality is also given in terms of workmanship. But you still have to be careful with the scale, the surface is somewhat prone to scratches. Something becomes clear that you should see later in the app: Both the Xiaomi and the eufy scales come to very similar to the same results.

The Soehnle scale, on the other hand, always puts 0. For comparison, I also used the personal scale in the gym, which was more based on the results of the two smart scales. Everyone knows how a scale works: be in the bathroom, stand on it and be happy about the result — or start crying.

Smart scales, however, offer even more possibilities to monitor your body balance over a longer period of time thanks to the app supplied.

This makes sense if you want to evaluate health conditions and the like over a longer period of time.

Connecting the balance to the MiFit App takes only a few moments and should not put even the less technically experienced to the test. The app communicates with the scale via Bluetooth 5.

In the app, the switched on! Disadvantageous is of course, as always nowadays, that you have to grant the app all imaginable authorizations. Location, photos, media, data protection regulations — the full program.It also prevents a bug that causes the document underneath to scroll.

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SMART Scale Xiaomi Version 2

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