Calcomp plotter pens

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Calcomp plotter pens

Can't believe my old post got picked up! If anyone's looking to get a plotter I would still highly recommend an old HP A as a gateway drug — they're relatively cheap, not too big the size of a large-ish inkjet printer and incredibly well made. I've had a lot of fun using the Geomerative library for Processing. I generally save the HPGL output to a text file and then use a small utility app I've written to send it to the plotter.

Sometimes I'll check the output in Cenon. Kadin on Mar 2, Though there's a lot to be said for the old HP plotters, if eBay is any indication, there's a very thin supply and any uptick in interest is going to cause them to dry up and prices to increase. It looks like that may have already happened. And most of them can be trivially adapted to use a pen or marker in place of a cutter blade. I have a "Silhouette" brand cutting plotter, which can take two tools, and it cost me about the same as what used As are currently selling for and worked via USB out of the box.

It'll never challenge the old HP on its great s aesthetics, and the paper traversal speed isn't quite as fast, but it produces output that seems equivalent and I can jam pretty much any type of pen I want into its toolholder. The one important note is that you must absolutely avoid "Cricut" brand cutting plotters, which are unfortunately the dominant modern manufacturer.

They have an awful razors-and-blades business model that revolves around selling the machines at a discount and then charging users for overpriced vector drawings through an "app store" type system, and they enforce this by obfuscating the communication protocol used by the plotters, and abusing the DMCA and engaging in other bits of sharp practice to discourage 3rd-party software.

Unless you're buying one to reverse-engineer, they are best avoided. Can't speak for many others. I'm hopeful that the current resurgence of interest in plotters will result in more third-party, open-source software for these current-production commercial machines, in addition to the older surplus ones.

Once the parts supplies dry up for the older machines, these newer ones will be the easier path forward for people who want to start playing with this technology. I have one of the made-in-China cutting plotters from USCutter. USCutter seems like the Harbor Freight of cutting plotters, but for me the plotter works as intended.

You can swap out the cutters for pens or markers.

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The software available from USCutter is horrible! This is exactly what I was looking for. Since the shipping costs and import duties to the EU are really high for US-ebay products and most of them did not guarantee it would work I started looking into alternatives. So I tried my luck on the 'Drawing Machines'Simple setup, easy-to-install software and advanced integration features makes DrawingBoard VI the industry leader for Computer-Aided Design and graphic arts applications.

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Each tablet features a recessed menu area and clear overlay that holds templates and menus in place, significantly enhancing user productivity by consolidating multiple mouse selections into a single point-and-click action. Cordless or corded 4-button cursor Cordless or corded button cursor Cordless or corded click-tip pen with two side buttons Cordless lite-touch pen with two side buttons Cordless pressure-tip pen with two side buttons.

Plotter Pens: Fit HP, HI, & Calcomp, Roland & Compatible Plotters

Backed by a one-year limited warranty. Extended warranty available. Skip to content. Connect and create. Go beyond pen and paper. Enhance inspired designs with state-of-the-art positioning grid technology engineered for superior quality and reliability. Freedom of expression. Explore and discover new sources of inspiration. Select from a variety of cursors and stylus pens to successfully create powerful and natural designs. Tech Specs. Download Brochure. Inspire creative design with DrawingBoard VI.

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Cordless or corded 4-button cursor Cordless or corded button cursor Cordless or corded click-tip pen with two side buttons Cordless lite-touch pen with two side buttons Cordless pressure-tip pen with two side buttons Backed by a one-year limited warranty. Contact Us.No lab in almost any discipline was complete in the 70s and 80s without an X-Y plotter.

The height of data acquisition chic, these simple devices were connected to almost anything that produced an analog output worth saving. Inside, the plotter looks pristine. Anyone hoping for at least a re-capping will be disappointed; H-P built things to last back in the day.

The video below shows the mesmerizing butterfly taking shape. There should be plenty of exhibits. Needs more analog. The needle was like a big VU meter with a small pen at the end. They still make and use them.

One company I worked for puts one on all of their large walk-in curing ovens.

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I would like to have one with some kind of disappearing ink. Steampunked-up and brass everywhere. Let it run constantly for weather data. We use something similar for recording in Biology, but the recording surface is a disc of paper.

The paper is mounted on a disc that rotates slowly; once a day to once a week, depending on what you are measuring. You can either replace the paper once a week, or just show up to write down the observations and then replace the paper once it approached being to cluttered to read. Surprised he got it working well with what looks like a BIC ball point. Ours was in the back hallway of the Univ. Computer Center. The operators hated the damn thing, because plots took a good part of an hour and the damn pens would run out of ink halfway through.

We had something like this at a place I used to work. The pens always did run out at the most inconvenient times during the very long plotting process. We used it to do colored plots of hybrid circuits screened onto alumina and fired in an oven before the parts were soldered on, used underhood in cars After we got a color electrostatic plotter, the pen plotter was mostly used for off-hours art projects.

This was all connected to a Data General 16 bit Eclipse with 1M of RAM, 2 washing machine sized M disk drives, running 4 graphic terminals and one green screen terminal. Did you guys buy it, or was it donated? Sounds very cool…especially the vinyl cutting part…. There is a difference. I have used them for 30 years.

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Faster leaves no ink. Slower leaves too much ink. Other than the motors, the mechanics are generally similar, though. Servos for the X-Y Recorder and stepper motors for the plotter. SDR based Lissajous patterns? These plotters move pens in real-time.Pressurized Plotter Pens.

calcomp plotter pens

This pen has many advantages over a standard plotter pen. They will never dry out and can write at any angle, even upside down, because it has been pressurized.

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It is extremely long lasting because of a very high viscosity plotter pen ink formula and a plotter pen point that features a durable tungsten carbide ball and stainless steel socket that have been machined to ultra high tolerances. Here are the main reasons why you should use Pressurized Plotter Pens:. Never dries up! When NASA first started sending up astronauts, they quickly discovered that ballpoint pens would not work in zero gravity.

The Russians simply used a pencil! Pressurized Plotter Pens work in all of the major plotters. Plotter pen compatibility. A complete overview of which plotters work with which of our Pressurized Plotter Pens.

Here are the main reasons why you should use Pressurized Plotter Pens: Never dries up! Pressurized Plotter Pens This pen has many advantages over a standard plotter pen.

Plotter pen compatibility A complete overview of which plotters work with which of our Pressurized Plotter Pens.Calcomp Technology, Inc. Sanders Associates, Inc. Lockheed kept CalComp as a brand name.

Calcomp Technology shut down its operations inand transferred different product lines to various other companies, some of whom continue to use the "Calcomp" or other "Cal-" trademarks : [1].

It produced a wide range of plotters both drum and flat-beddigitizersthermal transfer color printers, [3] thermal plotters [4] InfoWorld June 13, p. The disk products ranged from CD-1 through equivalents. The tape product was a equivalent.

Houston Instruments was another manufacturer of pen plotters. They used the DMPL plotting control language. They competed with Hewlett Packard plotters such as the HP They were purchased by Summagraphics.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Houston Instrument. Retrieved Archived from the original on InfoWorld Media Group, Inc.

Vintage Plotter Handles Chaos With Ease

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Calcomp plotter The Calcomp drum-based pen plotters are of interest to many vintage computerists, as it was used on many systems of the 's and 70's. Stepper motors moved the paper drum in rotation, and the pen mechanism across the pair of rails.

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A solenoid pushed the pen "up" or "down" to make contact with the paper. Paper was fed from one roll and taken up on another roll. The circuitry is mostly power transistors to drive the various stepper motors.

calcomp plotter pens

I offered to help them repair their pen mechanism. I have also added videos of the plotter operation. Later, David noted "Looks like the pen supply is V.

When [the coil is] active, the pen is UP. Thank you, David! My notes on the mechanical measurements are below. It powers up and the front controls operate all the features, moving pen and drum as appropriate. This is a small Hubble brand twist and lock AC connector. Note carefully the larger pin provides the "lock". The cable has an outer cap that screws on the outer threads shown here. Tom describes this connector as below.

HI Plotter DPP Pens K Style Archival Ink Pens Fit HI & Compatible Plotters

Note this is a 2A 3AG slow-blow fuse. The fuse as shown has features that delay or "slow" its operation. Here's a series of photos of the old and new parts. Another Bendix plotterlink courtesy of Mike Lowen. He's contacted several of the above owners, and he's investigated sources for various parts.

Tom is gathering design specifications of the Calcomp pen mechanism. His Web pages on his Calcomp plotter provides dimensioned drawings and even an animation on the pen mechanism. He's progressing to make a mechanism, with the help of a machinist. Follow his progress on his Web site. His plotter has an AC power connector which consists of a female AC jack with two "prongs".

It's intended to mate with a AC cable with a 1" diameter plug with a pair of slots to accomodate the jack. Here's the dimensions of the AC jack's components: pin width: 6. This is a flush mount 2wire miniature motor base plug My plotter has a similar AC jack but with concave AC pins.

Calcomp provided a variety of AC jacks. Tom Mikulic and I compared notes on the Cannon pin connector. Here's are notes about the Cannon pin connector. I'm also working with a tech who is familiar with AMP and similar connectors, who has individual pins for these connectors. In lateTom sent me a connector, unused. Photos will follow. ByTom said to me in email; "I made an interface for parallel port and run a Turbo Pascal program on an old PC I think from 's.

Schematic for the interface I got from Dr.When connected through a USB, no power supply is required simplifying setup and operation. DrawingBoard VI digitizers utilizes high-performance tools engineered with a state-of-the-art positioning grid to ensure reliability, performance and quality. Multiple accuracy versions are available to match specific system requirements and an integrated mounting channel allows accessories, such as a pen tray, to be easily and quickly mounted.

DrawingBoard VI digitizers work with a variety of cursors and stylus pens. This large-format digitizer offers greater flexibility and patented sensing technology for enhanced performance of high-quality blueprints.

Customize Super L VI by selecting from a variety of corded or cordless transducers. Custom configurations, previously available through the tablet hardware, are accessible through a software configuration program that supports emulations of popular industry formats, including CalComp and Summagrid.

Transform any environment into a collaborative workspace. Enhance the quality and accuracy of designs through illumination with Surface-Lit DrawingBoard. The innovative large-format digitizer features a thin panel of LED backlighting engineered for superior clarity and guarantees the highest level of data integrity available today. Surface-Lit DrawingBoard utilizes high-performance tools engineered with a state-of-the-art positioning grid to ensure reliability, precision and value.

An integrated mounting channel allows accessories such as a pen tray to be easily and quickly mounted. Surface-Lit DrawingBoard also encompasses a cool working surface that uses less than half the energy of conventional back-lit tablets. This easy-to-install pedestal provides greater functionality and a stable platform for precise and superior designs. All components are adjustable to suit personal preference. Skip to content. Large-Format Digitizers. DrawingBoard VI. Industry leader in resolution and accuracy for blueprint measuring.

Jump to section. Super L VI. Offers greater flexibility and patented sensing technology for enhanced performance of high-quality blueprints. Roll-Up III. Completely mobile and reliable with innovative sensing technology and precision transducers.

calcomp plotter pens

Surface-Lit Drawing Board. Consumes less than half the energy of conventional back-lit tables. Digitizers to meet your every need.


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